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Samac Painting 3 Coat System

Samac Painting has a 3 coat process that starts with Sandblasting of the pipe. We then apply a primer, followed by the Sealer. This coat slowly creep’s into the small threads and behind the bolts. The third and final coat is the top coat that is typically a shiny grey. This coat is very durable, [...]

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Technology in Industrial Painting

Industrial painting isn't the first thing you think of when you think of technological frontiers, but there are many advances in the industry's products, techniques, and safety procedures being made every day. Companies that are open to adopting these technologies will be constantly improving as a company, while companies that are fixed in their old [...]

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Choosing the Right Pipeline Coating

When choosing the coating for your pipeline it is crucial that you choose the right one. It can affect the lifespan and operational efficiency.The main job of the external coating is to act as a barrier that protects the pipe from its environmental surroundings. It is used as one of the main methods to protect [...]

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Maintaining the Concrete Structure

One of the most cost effective and versatile materials used in the construction industry today is concrete. From exterior facades, interior beams and supports, bridge construction or warehouse flooring, the versatility of this material is unmatched. Countless factors of exposure to conditions that could lead to damage or cause erosion over time is the primary [...]

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Protecting the Integrity of Above and Below Ground Pipeline

The U.S. is crisscrossed by over two million miles of pipelines, carrying crude oil, gas, and other resources all across the country. Although deemed by experts as the safest way to transport these resources, pipelines are still subject to corrosion. However, contrary to popular opinion, crude oil itself does not corrode - the contaminants, such [...]

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Industrial and Commercial Roof Coatings and Repairs

Once a leak happens, the damage is done. At that point, your costs of repair are coupled with the cost of neutralizing the damage. Wind, sun, pollution and rain along with the constant stress factors of thermal shock can cause leakage. The fluctuation of temperature and sunlight exposure can cause the roof to shrink and [...]

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Surface Preparation is Key to the Success of your Floor Coatings

Proper maintenance of your concrete floors in a facility, whether it is an airplane hanger or a high traffic area in a warehouse, is an integral part of keeping your facility in good repair while maintaining a safe workplace. Samac is the professional coatings contractor that can offer you an expert opinion and give you [...]

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