Floor and Roof Coatings

There are so many different types of industrial coatings, paints, primers, and sealants. It can be hard to figure out the exact one that would be best for you, but Samac Painting is here to help. With over 30 years of experience and an extensive and detailed knowledge of the materials that we work with, we can help you choose the best material for the job. From floors and roofing, to power plants and smokestacks, we can get it all done. With the latest certifications, training, and equipment, our professional coatings will help your company increase safety and efficiency.

Why get a Floor or Roof Coated?

A roof that is properly coated provides a host of benefits to any building with metal roofing. The coating can help to reduce thermal shock, and protect against precipitation and wind damage. These problems can occur if your roof is not properly coated, and when they do, they can decrease efficiency or cause a loss of inventory. A properly coated roof will prevent these problems and give the added benefit of providing more insulation to the interior, which prevents leaks and can reduce energy costs.

Similarly, floors with the right coating can increase safety and productivity as well. Properly coated concrete floors are more non-slip, and more resistant to chemical and impact damage. When a floor is being coated, it can also be marked out with different colored paths and areas. This can streamline workflow and prevent employees for entering dangerous areas.

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