Once a leak happens, the damage is done. At that point, your costs of repair are coupled with the cost of neutralizing the damage. Wind, sun, pollution and rain along with the constant stress factors of thermal shock can cause leakage. The fluctuation of temperature and sunlight exposure can cause the roof to shrink and grow in size, and this can cause warping and leakage in the roof. Seams and fasteners are stress points – often exposed to extreme temperature changes both daily and seasonally – and are areas that are vulnerable to corrosive damage.

Reflective roof coatings for roof restorative processes are what can keep your roof in a sustainable condition and extend the life of it by at least 10 years. Another benefit would be a significant decrease in cooling costs and the green factor of no tear-off waste added to the local landfills.

Why put your employees or the products that are housed and manufactured in your facility at risk any longer?

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