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Samac Painting 3 Coat System

Samac Painting has a 3 coat process that starts with Sandblasting of the pipe. We then apply a primer, followed […]

Choosing the Right Pipeline Coating

When choosing the coating for your pipeline it is crucial that you choose the right one. It can affect the […]

Maintaining the Concrete Structure

One of the most cost effective and versatile materials used in the construction industry today is concrete. From exterior facades, […]

Protecting the Integrity of Above and Below Ground Pipeline

The U.S. is crisscrossed by over two million miles of pipelines, carrying crude oil, gas, and other resources all across […]

Industrial and Commercial Roof Coatings and Repairs

Once a leak happens, the damage is done. At that point, your costs of repair are coupled with the cost […]

Surface Preparation is Key to the Success of your Floor Coatings

Proper maintenance of your concrete floors in a facility, whether it is an airplane hanger or a high traffic area […]