Pipeline Coatings

There are so many different types of industrial coatings, paints, primers, and sealants. It can be hard to figure out the exact one that would be best for you, but Samac Painting is here to help. With over 30 years of experience and an extensive and detailed knowledge of the materials that we work with, we can help you choose the best material for the job.From floors and roofing, to power plants and smokestacks, we can get it all done. With the latest certifications, training, and equipment, our professional coatings will help your company increase safety and efficiency.

Why Should You be Worried about Pipeline Coatings?

Pipeline coating is an essential factor in maintaining the durability of pipes carrying all kinds of substances. Years of exposure to the sun, wind, ice, and rain can all contribute to corrosion on outdoor pipelines. Inside the pipes, millions of gallons of gas, oil, and water travel through them everyday, causing wear and tear on the interior surface of the pipes. Applying the correct pipeline coating is necessary to keep all of these elements from corroding and breaking pipes. Even if the smallest pipe is damaged, many thousands of people can be affected immediately, from both an economical and environmental point of view.

Samac Painting specializes in all types of pipeline coatings. With any pipeline job we do, we make sure to use non-sparking technology, so it doesn’t have any effect on flammable substances running through your pipeline. Both raised pipelines and underground pipes are not a problem for our experienced team. With years of experience in pipeline coatings, we take the safety and integrity of pipelines very seriously. We have made sure that we are equipped with all of the proper tools to complete the job, and everyone employed at Samac Painting has been properly trained and certified in all of the latest practices and safety procedures, in order to ensure a first-rate coating job in a minimal time frame.

What do we Coat?