About Our Company

Mission Statement

Samac Painting, Inc. is a highly certified team of professionals who specialize in commercial painting, sandblasting, pipeline coatings, and many other services; however, with a long-lasting workforce of over 27 years, they run more like a family than a corporation. Tackling jobs from the U.S. Postal Service to churches, Samac is dedicated to quality and safety in their services.

Our History

About Us 2Phyllis McGuffin began Samac Painting Inc. in 1984 as a women-owned small business dedicated to their projects and their workforce. This mindset has brought the company to great heights. From churches to electric companies to extensive project work at U.S. Government facilities, Samac boasts a diversified resume of both small businesses and governmental clientele.

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary, we have grown to be one of the most desired corporations in the areas of industrial painting and sandblasting in the market. Our services have been requested regularly in industrial and manufacturing facilities as well as governmental projects. We are 51% woman owned, and we take pride in our emphasis on specifications requirements. The utilization of a highly skilled and motivated workforce is instrumental in our project completion strategy.

About Us