Industrial Coating and Sandblasting

Samac Painting Inc. contractors are highly skilled in sandblast cleaning and the preparation of specialty coatings. We coat industrial buildings inside and out, our services range anywhere from floors, to walls, to frontage areas of industrial buildings. Our contractors are highly skilled and experienced in large facilitates. We do special coatings, and floor coatings for ultimate satisfaction..


Samac Painting Inc. is licensed in the State of Kentucky to preform our Sandblasting and Coating Services on commercial buildings, and industrial facilities, and frontage areas. The Samac Sandblasting process involves blasting the surface with tiny particles of sand to clean and prepare a smooth sleek surface ready for resurfacing and coating. Our Sandblasting service can also be used to remove grease, dirt, rust, or water deposits.

Our industrial sandblasting and water blasting service cleans, then prepares, all large debris and rust covered areas, so our skilled and SSPC certified contractors can meet the specifications of the processing facility. Coating removal, rust removal, and surface preparation are just a few services that the Samac Painting and Sandblasting, Inc. has to offer.

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